Grabbable Objects

Setting Up Grabbable Objects

Grabbable objects can easily be set up by right clicking the hierarchy window or by clicking the window tab in the toolbar and selecting OctoXR > Kinematic Interactions > Grabbable > Create new grabbable.
Creating a grabbable from the toolbar
Creating grabbable objects this way ensures that you have all the necessary prerequisites for the object to be grabbable.
Once you open the grabbable creator, a window like this will pop up.
Grabbable creator window
Grabbable Type:
  • Kinematic: The object will ignore collision with the world while it's being interacted with.
  • Joint: The object collides with the world while it's being interacted with.
  • Transform: The object will ignore collision with the world while it's being interacted with. Additionally, it is unaffected by physics once it's released, and can be scaled by grabbing it with the other hand.
Precision-grab: Leaving the precision grab option unticked will snap the object to your hand while grabbing. Ticking the option will allow you to manipulate the object exactly at the point where you're grabbing, but will disable hand posing.
Look for models of type: allows you to choose between meshes and prefabs while picking objects to represent your grabbable.
Be careful when choosing prefabs as reference models as they might have external scripts and colliders attached which might mess with your grabbable, always double check your models after creating the object.
If you choose to import a mesh as the model for your object, you will be able to set its material with the Choose material option.
Model scale: sets the scale of your model (NOT THE OBJECT - the object scale should always be 1:1:1).
Grab zone collider type: creates the designated trigger collider around your object.