• Used for checking if player is grounded. If it's not, screen will fade black and Footprints will appear on the place player has left the ground
  • Holds references to all objects essential for teleport and continuous locomotion to work
  • Should be placed on input root (OVRCameraRig for Oculus).

Public Properties

Transform Transform
  • Cached transform component
Transform TeleportRayStartLeft
Transform TeleportRayStartRight
  • TeleportRayStarts are created to help stabilize ray casting
Transform CenterEyeAnchor
ScreenFader ScreenFader
TeleportDestination OldTeleportDestination
  • Used to keep track of where player was and invoking events

Public Methods

bool TryGetGroundNormal(out Vector3 groundNormal)
  • Returns true if the camera is above object containing Ground
  • If player is not grounded, groundNormal is equal to Vector3.Zero
Vector3 GetGroundPoint()
  • returns point on the Ground where player is standing.