• Visual indicator for loss of confidence in hand tracking
  • Uses available data from hand tracking data providers to disable the corresponding hand
  • HandSkeleton - reference to the hand skeleton you want to disable when bad hand tracking is detected
  • HandDataProvider - reference to the hand tracking data provider, necessary to check for confidence of hand tracking data
  • BadTrackingCanvas - object used to notify the user when loss of tracking occurs
  • BadTrackingMaterial - material which the hand will change to when the hand skeleton is disabled

Public fields

Renderer ObjectRenderer
  • Hand renderer whose material needs to be changed upon detecting bad tracking

Public Methods

void DetectLowTrackingConfidence()
  • Detects when the assigned data provider's tracked hand data confidence is low and disables the referenced hand skeleton, freezing the hand in place - this prevents loss of interaction and dropping of held objects to some degree
void EnableHand()
  • Used to disable the referenced hand skeleton, change It's original material and enable the visual indicator for loss of tracking
void DisableHand()
  • Used to enable the referenced hand skeleton, revert It's material to the original one and disable the visual indicator for loss of tracking
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